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Intentional Natural Paths to Health, Harmonious Thoughts and Emotions, and Spiritual Union

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We all have a story.  We are all living below our fullest potential whether physically, mentially, emotionally, spiritually or all of the above.  We all have bodies that are effected by the chemicals in our food and saturated in our environment and the stressors of life.  We have minds tasked by ever increasing demands from society and screens pushing information into us.   Our emotions are entwined with every thought we have and often just as scattered. Our spirits are weakened by all this clutter in our modern world,  disconnecting us from our Creator. 

I'd spent more than two decades in pain. A passion for physics, the awe of what our bodies were created to be able to do, the facination with the complexity of the brain, and an answer to the cry of my heart led me to this place where the pieces began to come together. Answers found with in me and within the advances of technology,  and the absence of it .                    

                                                                                  I'd Like to share!

Spiritual Coaching

The Path to Wholeness

ICF and Gardner Institue Trained for Personal, Group, and Corporate Coaching

    Bemer PEMF   NASA Endorsed

 Vasomotion &  Microcirculation

Quantum Biofeedback


Business and Team Coaching

Various Modalities

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QCL Logo.png

"I have known Catherine for years.  On and off she has been a spiritual coach to me. However,  there was an issue I was having trouble overcoming. The most significant improvement I noticed after the quantum experience and was the immediate and permanent reduction of anxiety.  Before quantum, I had been experiencing anxiety at a level 9 on a 1-10 scale.  Afterwards, the anxiety was reduced to level 1 or less.  It has been over a month, and the high level of anxiety has not returned."

Laura Jackson

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I have been a Quantum Bio-Feedback client for over a year.  I suffered the effects of Lyme Disease.  My body has been able to de-stress enough that along with a healthy diet and homeopathy, I no longer suffer at the hands of Lyme.

Ford Taylor

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"I have used the Bemer mat  2x a day post surgery to aid in healing as well as address the degeneration, aches and pains I have as an individual over 50.  The Bemer undeniably makes a difference in  my quality of  life ,  my sleep, and what my future now looks like.  

Eric Vail


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