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Bemer PEMF

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency.  Vitality Begins in the Blood, and 75% of it flows in 
Microcirculation into Vital Organs, Muscles, and Joints

Lack of cellular Vitality (due to insufficient ATP)  is the common underlying cause of most chronic fatigue and pain, degeneration,  slow or lack of wound healing and even causality for acute conditions.

By increasing cellular vitality, BEMER treatments have been proven to revitalize cellular performance which facilitates the body’s ability to self-regulate/heal.   It does this through improving blood circulation,  strengthening the immune system through increased T-Cell release. Increase in oxygen partial pressure.  Improving blood viscosity and improving cell metabolism.

Just a few of the health enhancement for humans:

  • General Blood Flow

  • Oxygen Supply and Waste Disposal

  • Cardiac Function

  • Overall Physical Fitness

  • Endurance, Strength and Energy

  • Mental Acuity and Concentration

  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Health Benefits for Horses and other Mammals: 

  • Promotes Recovery and Regeneration

  • Reduces Muscular Damage

  • Reduces Stress (During Transport or Competition)

  • Improves Hydration & Water Retention

  • Supports Recovery after an Injury

Although there are a number of PEMF machines out there today, BEMER Group is the only PEMF device company that has a cooperative Agreement with  N.A.S.A. BEMER is registered as a Class 2a Medical Device backed by the highest level of research.  Professional teams and Olympic athletes utilize the Bemer technology, but it is truly needed by everyone. 


My experience with this technology was transforming in  2- 8 minute sessions. The first absolutely began the healing of Raynaud's in my fingers and toes that I can hold a glass of ice water again without the tips of my fingers going white.  The second session was the beginning of the end to my chronic pain from stenosis.  Shortly after i got off the mat I realized my pain was gone without pharmaceuticals in my system!  the pain did come back over 10 hours later, as it is an ongoing therapy for my condition- but it was a start!  It wasn't long before I was able to purchase one and the difference i have felt in many areas, including old injuries. 

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