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Quantum BioFeedback

Alignment is the best word that I can think of to describe what this technology brings.  Approved in the US and Canada for Pain Management and Stress Relief but utilized around the world to treat so much more.  

Stress is known to be the catalyzing factor of most, if not all, of the human body's illnesses.  

Quantum BioFeedback is a beginning to healing by  learning how to reduce the stress in your mind and aligning that stress free energy into your body at the quantum level.  The process for pain management is similar.  QBF aids the Brain in effectively speaking to the pain receptors on a quantum level to be 'less stressed' and therefore reduce or erradicate  pain.

There are numerous applications where Stress reduction at the quantum level will increase the quality of life such as:  in the aging of the body, for better sports performance, to help enhance the immune system,  to aid in the healing of injury, assist with insomnia, balancing Chakratic energy as well as settling and helping to reset the digestive system to name a few. 

My Story
Discovering the Quantum Biofeedback using the Eductor  solidified what I always felt to be true about the body electric, the need to understand it and work with it for healing.  DIRECTLY Engaging in this process had profound effects on the emotional stance in my body after a number of very hard years.  My mind was reconciled but my physical body still reacted as if in a state of threat.  After two longer sessions my body no longer reacted to situations and thoughts like it had for many years.  (and that was just the beginning!)

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