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Time to Learn More

Do Research and Watch Testimonials ! 

Please go dig around the internet to try to find comparisons before you purchase.  I did.  After hours of countless tabs open and finally  a call with the woman who introduced me to it, Bemer was the one I had the most confidence in. I am still thankful months later.   Here are a few to get you going: 

Vasomotion, improved blood flow within minutes:

Unhealed wound open for years, now healed:

Neuralgia and Reduced muscle atrophy:

Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration improved:

OR just type in Bemer Testimonial  in the YouTube search bar. 

I became a distributor, as I'm on a mini mission to get these into homes of regular people, not just the astronauts, alternative therapy offices and professional athletes!  If you have questions please contact me, Im happy to speak with you on pros and cons.

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