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Spiritual Coaching 
for Shalom

The Path to Wholeness

The word shalom is commonly understood to mean peace, tranquil, at rest, with out conflict or war.  It is also used today as a greeting, coming and going.  

However,  going back to the ancient origin of the language, Shalom reveals it's depth.  All Hebrew words come from a root word to which it is intrinsically connected.  The root of shalom is shalam. Shalam is used to express the idea of "replacing" or "restoring".  The verb shalam literally means "to make whole". The word shalom, as a noun, has the same basic meaning "well" and  implies "wholeness" of the person in health and prosperity.

My goal to reach Shalom goes far deeper than simply being still or at rest and not in conflict with others or within myself, but to really reach a place of wholeness, a place of Oneness with my creator- where nothing is missing, everything is restored. We think of this happening after this life is over but, NO, we are able to walk  in Union with the one who dreamed us into being now.  This is the place where we learn to Breathe.  We do it from the moment we make our first cry out of the womb.  But the air we breath to live in this place is NOT the same as breathing for LIFE.   

Body, Mind, Spirit must all be tended to for us to find this peace.  No one thing will get us there.  Using a unique set of gifts, learned knowledge, intuition and techniques along with technology I walk with you on your journey to help lead you into  Shalom.

My Story

We all have one, dont we?  We are all different, a different wavelength bringing forth our unique color to this world. Therefore,  the path to wholeness looks different.   For some it is meditation, others worship, others soaking,  some art, for some building.  The list could truly be as numerous as there are individuals.  But, there are beginning steps into finding what that 'key' is for you as a unique creation.  The FIRST KEY is realizing tht you are whole and complete, createed in the Image in the maker of all things, just cluttered with life.  What is it?  What is it you really want? If you are willing to make it a goal you want to work for,  I will help you get there.  Along the way,  you will discover so much more than the initial goal you sought.  

Ready to to begin?  

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